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Year in Review - Hindsight is 2022

A message from SFSG President, Dr. Patrick Bishop

Dr. Patrick Bishop and Mic Carlson
Dr. Patrick Bishop and Mic Carlson

What a difference a year makes! At the end of 2021, many of us were still working remotely, masking up, meeting in Zoom, and limiting face-to-face communication. One year later, we’re attending functions, going to concerts, and seeing each other in person. It’s been great to reconnect with friends, family, and community.

The garden has seen big changes this past year too. First, we said thank you and farewell to former president, Mark Siegrist, who led our organization for 14 years. We changed our name to Saint Francis Sculpture Garden (no longer Instruments of Hope). We introduced a new logo and branding, along with a renewed sense of purpose and mission. We celebrated Summer Solstice in June and Blessing of the Animals in October. Seven people joined our board of directors, and we worked hard on new initiatives like the Book Nook (thanks John Gruizenga and Christopher Schichtel), the renovated Grotto (thanks Scott Holroyd), and, of course, our considerable bridge project. We met with the leadership team of the Dominican Sisters a couple of times and received encouragement for the long-term outlook of the garden.

The next three-to-six months will be a significant milestone for SFSG as we look to build the bridge, expand to the west side, and develop the final six-to-eight sculpture sites. As always, we will hold strong to our guiding principles of environmental integrity, accessibility (ADA compliant), and inclusion of all peoples of peace and love. Your involvement is crucial, and we hope you’ll join us on this grand journey, whether through prayer, sweat equity, or financial contribution. Truly, we can’t do this without you, please reach out if you’d like to be involved.

As I contemplate the changes a year brings, I’m also reminded that, through it all, the garden remains steady and resolute. In both our isolation and community, the garden always gives everything it offers, never holding back. My friends, may you visit the garden often, finding it a place where deep calls to deep in still, small places that words cannot explain, but your heart knows to be true.

Warm regards,


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