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Lauretta Simpson

Lauretta Simpson

Board of Directors

I was so pleased to be invited to join and accept a role on the Board of Directors for Saint Francis Sculpture Garden. As a child, I remember attending church with my grand parents. On one particular warm Sunday morning, the stained glass windows of our church building were open. During a silent prayer I heard a pinecone drop from a tree and hit the ground outside. I instantly realized the role of nature in religion, faith and Christianity. In my 6-year old mind I viewed the relationship, as “God is Nature.” While many of my beliefs have been challenged and modified during my life I still hold this same tenant as a very important aspect of my personal philosophy.

To this point, I graduated with a liberal science degree in Biology from Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University. I later earned a Masters degree in Counseling. During this 2nd career I focused on Career Counseling with a specialty in the sciences. I have also been involved with Personal Counseling. I have referred many clients to the Sculpture Garden to have a safe, quiet, peaceful, reflective and meditative space to refresh themselves and commune with nature.

I pledge to continue assisting with the growth and sustainability of the St. Francis of Assisi Sculpture Garden and Meditation Walk. I hope, to that end I am able to meet you, share stories and the beauty of the garden.

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